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Apr 29, 2020


Symmetry Electronics works with a number of leading suppliers to aid in the production of ground-breaking smart transportation technologies that are used every day across the globe. Smart transportation, otherwise known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), utilizes IoT technology to collect, monitor and manage data in real time to enable safer and more efficient means of transportation.

Smart transportation technologies are being used in cars, buses, ships, trains, airplanes, roads, streetlights and other infrastructures to provide the world with real-time information and convenient automations. Ever wonder how the maps application on your phone can provide you with the quickest route or notify you when there is a hazard ahead? We can thank IoT technology for these valuable insights.

Another valuable use case for smart transportation is asset tracking. This technology is typically used to measure the performance and cost-effectiveness of transportation facilities. Examples include electrical powerlines, telephone lines, large commercial trucks, and railroad systems.

Have a new smart transportation technology idea in mind? Take a look at our Smart Transportation Technology Teardown (PDF) that provides guidance to select the components you need to develop the next big thing.

We support many other applications. Check out our other Tech Teardowns for additional inspiration and technical guidance.





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Written By: Savannah Cuthbert


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