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Nov 3, 2020

Based on Qualcomm’s 9205 LTE modem, Telit’s ME310G1 module is the latest addition to their LTE Cat M1 product portfolio. Ideal for IoT applications requiring compact size, long battery life, and low BOM costs–the ME310G1 supports integrated GNSS and worldwide LTE bands, along with a 2G fallback variant for applications requiring global deployments.


ME310G1 LTE UE Cat M1/NB2

Compliant with 3GPP Release 14, supporting LTE Cat M1/NB2–the ME310G1 offers lower power, higher data rates, and better performance for mobile applications. To achieve low power consumption, the ME310G1 uses Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) to direct devices to wake up periodically to transmit data and then transition back to a state of dormancy. The ME310G1 offers maximum coupling loss (MCL) to improve coverage and support better in-building penetration. Additionally, the ME310G1 offers up to 1 Mbps in uplink and 588 Kbps in downlink in Cat M1 mode.


ME310G1 Offers a Compact Footprint

One of the biggest advantages of the ME310G1 is its footprint. The LTE-only variant is under 200 mm2, whereas the variant that includes 2G fallback measures to nearly 300 mm2. The ME310G1’s compact size and low power consumption makes it suitable for developing ultra-small battery-powered products such as wearables and medical devices.


xE310 Family of Miniature IoT Modules

The ME310G1 belongs to Telit’s xE310 family of modules which are pin-to-pin compatible with one another. Offering the same footprint eliminates the need to redesign the PCB and decreases development time. The xE310 family supports multi-technology modules, making it easier for design engineers to update technologies as per the requirements.


ME310G1 Module Key Benefits

  • Small size and low power consumption
  • Optimized for ease-of-design, high yield, and low-cost manufacturing
  • Compliant to 3GPP Release 14 Cat M1/NB2
  • Ideal for mass-production, mass-deployment IoT applications
  • Module sizes ranging from 300 mm2 down to below 200 mm2 on a fixed 94-pad LGA footprint


ME310G1 Common Applications

  • Medical Devices
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Smart Meters
  • Smart Utilities
  • Smart Cities
  • Telematics
  • Home and Commercial Automation


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Written By: Anuja Upale


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