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Jul 28, 2021

Building on technology from the recent acquisition of device-to-cloud LoRaWAN®-based solutions firm, Haxiot, Digi International broadens its IoT footprint with an end-to-end LoRaWAN starter kit that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

Digi LoRaWAN Starter Kit (XON-9-L1-KIT-001)

The Digi LoRaWAN Starter Kit provides a complete rapid prototype and development environment with device, gateway, and IoT cloud for developing end-to-end LoRaWAN solutions.

  • Digi 8-channel LoRaWAN HXG3000 Ethernet gateway
  • Client shield with LoRaWAN module, LED, digital input, and temperature sensors
  • Digi X-ON cloud platform 30-day free trial account with scan-and-go mobile provisioning

Benefits of LoRaWAN

LoRa®, short for long range, is a wireless radio frequency technology that was developed to offer a low power and long range solution for battery-powered IoT products. The LoRaWAN wireless protocol is standardized and widely available, with the technology now operable across an interconnected worldwide ecosystem managed by the LoRa Alliance®. The following are key benefits of the LoRaWAN protocol:

  • Long Range: Connects devices up to 30 miles apart in rural areas with the ability to penetrate dense urban or deep indoor environments.
  • Low Power: Battery life capacity up to 10 years.
  • Advanced Security: End-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection and confidentiality.
  • Simple Integration: Highly compatible with existing infrastructures with access to expansive global LoRaWAN networks.
  • Geolocation: Compatible with GPS-free tracking applications, offering low power benefits.
  • Mobile: Maintains communication with devices in motion without strain on power consumption.
  • High Capacity: Supports millions of messages per base station to meet the demand of public network operators serving large markets.
  • Low Cost: Simple integration, long battery life and operational efficiencies provide for cost savings.

Ready-to-Deploy LoRa Network Solution

Image Source: Digi International

  • Digi 8-channel LoRaWAN HXG3000 Ethernet gateway
    • Each gateway supports 1.5 million messages per day delivered to the X-ON cloud.
    • Offers high receive sensitivity and up to 27 dBm transmit power to deliver long-range, non-line-of-sight, two-way communications over LoRaWAN.
  • Client shield with LoRaWAN module, LED, digital input, and temperature sensors
    • Supports rapid prototyping and development of LoRaWAN sensors on ST® Nucleo and Arduino® platforms.
    • Features the LoRaWAN module, addressing long-range, low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN), with stackable Arduino connectors, digital input switch, RGB LED, u.FL connector, antenna and temperature sensor.
    • An embedded AT command language and simplified Mbed C++ Embedded API support rapid integration.
    • The module is certified with support for Class A, Class C, and secure multicast.
  • Digi X-ON cloud platform 30-day free trial account with scan-and-go mobile provisioning
    • Demonstrates automated provisioning for devices and gateways.
    • Configure, monitor, and control LoRaWAN devices
    • Configure cloud APIs such as Azure IoT, AWS IoT
  • Digi Wireless Design Services
    • Leverage Digi International’s extensive experience in designing and deploying end-to-end LoRaWAN solutions. Digi’s design services can provide consulting support or augment your engineering team at any phase of your project.

Why Choose the Digi LoRaWAN Starter Kit?

  1. Overall more superior RF performance
  2. Reduce survey and installation time and costs
  3. Reduce operational costs by eliminating equipment staging and supply chain for distributors
  4. Reduce the hardware cost - less gateways needed per site
  5. Faster time to market
  6. Expand network capabilities and eliminate ongoing in-house support cost, and lower total cost of ownership

Digi LoRaWAN Starter Kit Key Applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Logistics & Tracking
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Animal Health
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Agriculture
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Smart Grid
  • Farm Automation

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Written By: Savannah Cuthbert


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