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Mar 17, 2021

With over 20 years serving as a focused global distributor and technical engineering support firm, Symmetry Electronics understands the importance of offering products and solutions that will help design engineers accelerate time to market, optimize design performance outcomes, and reduce development costs. Specializing in wireless connectivity solutions, sensors, and audio-video technologies–Symmetry combines an e-commerce platform with technical design-phase support, to deliver an integrated solution for design engineers. Acquired by Berkshire Hathaway company TTI, Inc. in 2017, Symmetry belongs to the TTI Semiconductor Group that also includes specialty distributors RFMW and Changnam International, and engineering consulting firm, Connected Development (CD). In collaboration with leading wireless, M2M, and IoT engineering services firm, Connected Development, Symmetry customers now have access to CD’s unique Fixed Price IoT Design Services.

With engineers averaging 25 years of experience, Connected Development’s Fixed Price Services offer customers a unique, predictable, and transparent engineering consulting model that aims to help customers reduce development costs and accelerate time to market. Symmetry customers can now benefit from the combined support of Symmetry’s available-to-ship inventory and design-phase support, and CD’s rapid IoT development services that make up one comprehensive design engineering solution. Connected Development’s three Fixed Price Service options include:

7-Hour Design Workshop

Work with Connected Development’s team of knowledgeable engineers for recommendations on key requirements, and possible hardware, software, and certification options for new or existing designs.

RF Design Review

Expert-level evaluation of product schematics and/or layouts, offering recommendations for improvement in as little as 1-2 days.

Pre-Certification RF Testing

Leverage Connected Development’s 10+ years of experience testing and managing customer certification activities, with the support of an in-house anechoic RF chamber. Pre-certification RF testing will allow you to characterize product performance prior to engaging with costly certification labs.


Get started with Connected Development’s Fixed Price IoT Design Services.



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Why partner with Symmetry Electronics? Symmetry's technical staff is specially trained by our suppliers to provide a comprehensive level of technical support. Our in-house Applications Engineers provide free design services to help customers early in the design cycle, providing solutions to save them time, money and frustration. Contact Symmetry for more information.

Written By: Savannah Cuthbert


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