Top 5 Video Demos from Symmetry Electronics

Mar 22, 2018

Top 5 Video Demos From Symmetry Electronics


Here at Symmetry Electronics, we love demos! They give our application engineers a chance to try out the cutting-edge technologies that we stock for our customers and show off some of the neat applications that these products can accomplish. From high tech sensors to the latest Bluetooth technologies, our videos showcase important details to help engineers decide if a specific component is right for them. Along the way, we try to have a little fun as well.


Check out our top 5 video demos from Symmetry Electronics:


1. Track Temperature & Humidity with Silicon Labs Sensors

Symmetry Electronics Application Engineer Tyler Wojciechowicz shows how to visualize sensor data in an easy to read on-screen GUI using a Silicon Labs Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor.



2. What Is The Nordic Thingy:52?

Watch Symmetry Electronics Technical Marketing Engineer Cobus Heukelman demo the new Nordic Thingy:52.



3. Magnet Magic Using The HAL 2425 Sensor From TDK Micronas & Arduino Uno

In this demo, Symmetry Electronics Application Engineer Tyler Wojciechowicz, shows how the HAL 2425 can be programmed easily with the USB kit.


4. Trinamic - stealthChop Silent 3D Printer Demo

In this video, Applications Engineer Jonas from Trinamic demonstrates the stealthChop silent stepper motor technology in a 3D printer utilizing Trinamic TMC2100, TMC2130 and TMC5130.



5. Custom Antenna Kits from Symmetry Electronics

Need To Find The Right Antenna? Our team of engineers will assemble your custom antenna kit to your specifications.


For more video demos on the latest wireless, IoT and video solutions, follow us on our YouTube channel.



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