Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors 3-wire Hall Switch (Tj. -40 C to 170 C)

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The HAL 15xy family consists of different Hall switches produced in CMOS technology. All sensors include a temperature-compensated Hall plate with active offset compensation, a comparator, and an output stage. The family consists of 3-wire and 2-wire devices, the corresponding output stage being an open-drain output transistor and a current source respectively. The comparator compares the actual magnetic flux through the Hall plate (Hall voltage) with the fixed reference values (switching points). Accordingly the output transistor is switched on or off in 3-wire versions, and the current source is switched on (high current consumption) or off (low current consumption) in 2- wire versions. The active offset compensation leads to constant magnetic characteristics over supply voltage and temperature range. In addition, the magnetic parameters are robust against mechanical stress effects. The sensors are designed for industrial and automotive applications and operate with supply voltages from 2.7 V (3-wire) or 3 V (2-wire) to 24 V in junction temperature range from -40 °C up to 170°C.

HAL 15xy VS HAL 5xy

Hal 15xy edges over hal5xy in the following ways

-          Lower supply current

-          Can operate with higher dynamic magnetic fields + lowest jitter

-          Wider supply voltage range

-          Smallest state off art SOT-23JEDEC package

-          Additional self-protection functionality

-          ASIL A ready device 

-          AEC-Q100 qualification 




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