Programmable Dual-Die 2D Position Sensor with Analog Outputs

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 The HAR 37xy is the full redundant (Dual-Die) version of the well known HAL 37xy family using the Micronas proprietary 3D HAL technology. It provides full redundancy due to two independent dies stacked in a single package each bonded on a separate side of the package. The stacked-die architecture ensures that both dies occupy the same magnetic field position, thus generating synchronous measurement outputs.

This new family has several members. HAR 372x provide linear, ratiometric analog output signals with integrated wire-break detection working with pull-up or pull-down resistors. Compared to the HAR 372x the HAR 3715 is splitting the 360° measurement range either into four repetitive 90° (MOD 90°) or three 120° (MOD 120°) segments. HAR 373x features digital output formats like PWM and SENT (according to SAE-J2716 release 2010). The digital output format is customer programmable. The PWM outputs are configurable with frequencies between 0.2 kHz and 2 kHz with up to 12-bit resolution. 

Conventional planar Hall technology is only sensitive to the magnetic field orthogonal to the chip surface. In addition to the orthogonal magnetic field, HAR 37xy is also sensitive to magnetic fields applied in parallel to the chip surface. This is possible by integrating vertical Hall plates into the standard CMOS process.

The sensor cell can measure three magnetic field components BX, BY, and BZ. This enables a new set of applications for position detection, like wide distance, angle or through-shaft angular measurements. The table below describes the different family members.


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Package: SOIC8
Ordering Code: HAR 3725DJ-A
Interface : Analog
Temp. Range: -40C - 170C
Magn. Range [mT]: +-20 - +-100
Switching Points: Programmable


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