Linear Hall Sensor Analog PWM TO92UT

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The HAL83x is a new member of the Micronas family of programmable linear Hall sensors. This robust multipurpose family can replace devices of the HAL8x5 and HAL810 family. It offers better quality, extended functionality and performance compared to the first generation devices. This new family consist of two members: the HAL830 and the HAL835. HAL835 is the device with the full feature set and maximum performance compared with the HAL830.
The HAL83x is an universal magnetic field sensor with linear output based on the Hall effect. The IC can be used for angle or distance measurements when combined with a rotating or moving magnet. The major characteristics like magnetic field range, sensitivity, output quiescent voltage (output voltage at B = 0 mT), and output voltage range are programmable in a nonvolatile memory. The sensor has a ratiometric output characteristic, which means that the output voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux and the supply voltage. It is possible to program several devices connected to the same supply and ground line.
The HAL83x features a temperature-compensated Hall plate with choppered offset compensation, an A/D converter, digital signal processing, a D/A converter with output driver, an EEPROM memory with redundancy and lock function for the calibration data, an EEPROM for customer serial number, a serial interface for programming the EEPROM, and protection devices at all pins.
The HAL83x is programmable by modulating the supply voltage. No additional programming pin is needed. The easy programmability allows a 2-point calibration by adjusting the output voltage directly to the input signal (like mechanical angle, distance, or current). Individual adjustment of each sensor during the customer’s manufacturing process is possible. With this calibration procedure, the tolerances of the sensor, the magnet, and the mechanical positioning can be compensated in the final assembly.
In addition, the temperature compensation of the Hall IC can be fit to common magnetic materials by programming first and second order temperature coefficients of the Hall sensor sensitivity. This enables operation over the full temperature range with high accuracy.   
The calculation of the individual sensor characteristics and the programming of the EEPROM memory can easily be done with a PC and the application kit from Micronas.   
The HAL 83x family is available in the very small leaded RoHs package TO92-UT and is AECQ100 qualified. The sensor is designed for hostile industrial and automotive applications (TJ =−40 °C up to 170 °C).


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High-precision linear Hall effect sensor family with 12 bit ratiometric analog output and digital signal processing
Multiple programmable magnetic characteristics in a non-volatile memory (EEPROM) with redundancy and lock function
Operates from ?40 C up to 170 C junction temperature
Operates from 4.5 V up to 5.5 V supply voltage in specification and functions up to 8.5 V
Operates with static magnetic fields and dynamic magnetic fields up to 2 kHz
Programmable magnetic field range from +/-30 mT up to +/-150 mT
Temperature characteristics are programmable for matching common magnetic materials
Programmable clamping function
Programming through a modulation of the supply voltage
Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at all pins
Magnetic characteristics extremely robust against mechanical stress
Short-circuit protected push-pull output
EMC and ESD optimized design
Very low offset and sensitivity drift over temperature
Selectable PWM output with 11 bit resolution and 8 ms period
Back-bias cancellation function
14 bit multiplex analog output
+/-15 mT magnetic range


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