RS422 Quadrature Encoder Receiver/Counter with SPI and BiSS Interface

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iC-MD evaluates incremental encoder signals with A, B and index tracks from up to three encoders.

After power-on the iC-MD has all the RAM bits at 0 as default configuration, that means one 24 bit counter configured, and differential inputs. The device can be programmed via the SPI interface or BISS interface.

The 48 bit counter can be configured as up to three counters with variable counter depths of 16, 24, 32 or 48 bits, but the sum of bits of all the configured counters can not be higher than 48 bits. Some of the possible configurations are 1x48 bit, 2x24 bit, 3x16 bit, 1x32 + 1x16 bit. Each edge of the synchronized encoder signal counts (fourfold edge evaluation).

An additional 24bit counter REF counter is used to store the distance (number of pulses) between the first two index pulses after power-on and the distance between every last two index pulses in UPD register.

An event at the input pin TPI (configurable as rising, falling or both edges) loads the register TP1 with the actual value of the counter 0, and shift the old value of TP1 in register TP2. This registers can also be loads through the instruction bit TP, via SPI or


Two bidirectional ports are used as error and warning output (low active) and can be pulled down from outside to signals an external error or external warning.

This external error and warning are internally latched in the status registers.

A set of status registers monitor the status of the counter, TP1, TP2, REF, UPD, power on and external error and warning pins.

The TP1, TP2 and UPD as Sensor data. REF register is read via


BiSS.(Register communication).BiSS Interface register communication.


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Configurable quadrature 3-channel binary counter of
Fast RS422 12 V receiver for differential A/B/Z encoder signal
Count frequency to 40MHz
Monitoring of A/B phase logic with error message
Evaluation of distance-coded reference marks
Pin-triggered touch-probe function with
Error and warning signal generation
Operation from 3.3 V to 5V
Configuration via bus capable SPI and BiSS Interface
Two actuator output signals
Default operation mode permits plug & play
3 Channel 16 bit counting (TTL: A/B)
2 Channel 16, 24 or 16+32 bit counting
1 Channel 16, 24, 32 or 48 bit counting

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