Reflective Opto Encoders

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iC-PX series devices are advanced optical, reflective, lensless encoder iCs featuring integrated HD Phased Array photosensors and a blue LED chip. They provide high signal quality with relaxed alignment tolerances. Digital A/B outputs with or without interpolation are available. Typical applications are incremental encoders for motor control.

Blue-enhanced photosensors are adapted to the short wavelength of the embedded blue LED, and provide low-jitter outputs due to improved signal contrast. The unique assembly technology of the blue LED emitter and sensors results in low optical crosstalk.

Low-noise transimpedance amplifiers, arranged in a paired layout to ensure excellent channel matching, are used to convert the sensor signals into voltages of several hundred millivolts.

Precision comparators with hysteresis generate digital signals subsequently, either native or interpolated, which are evaluated and then output by ±4mA push-pull drivers.

Various operation modes are selectable via tri-level inputs SEL1 and SEL2: Digital A/B outputs with native (x1) or interpolated resolution (x2, x4, x8 or x16). The built-in LED power controller with its 20mA driver keeps the optical power constant regardless of aging effects, varying temperature or changes in working distance (iC to code disc).

iC-PX devices feature a low power consumption. They run at single-sided supplies of 4.5 V up to 5.5V.

Code disk ?: 26.0mm
Optical radius: 10.8mm
Native CPR: 360

Code disk ?: 30.0mm
Optical radius: 13.35mm
Native CPR: 500

Code disk ?: 32.0mm
Optical radius: 14.08mm
Native CPR: 512

Code disk ?: 36.0mm
Optical radius: 16.69mm
Native CPR: 625

Code disk ?: 43.0mm
Optical radius: 19.8mm
Native CPR: 720

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Lensless, reflective opto-encoder iCs, compact, high-resolution, incremental
Suitable reflective code discs of ?26 mm, ?30 mm, ?32 mm, ?36mm and ?43mm
Monolithic HD Phased Array with excellent signal matching
Integrated blue LED, EncoderBlue
LED power control with 20mA driver
Low-noise signal amplifiers with high EMI tolerance
Pin-selectable modes of operation: Digital A/B (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 interpolated)
Short-circuit-proof, current-limited, +/- 4mA push-pull outputs
Operating temperature range of -40 C to +105 C
Low power consumption from single 4.5 V to 5.5V supply
Compact and lensless optoDFN mold package
Evaluation kits on request

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