8-Bit Differential Scanning Opto Encoder with LED Control

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iC-OG is an optoelectronic sensor IC for linear and rotary motion control systems, such as glass scales or shaft encoders, for example.

Photodiodes, amplifiers, comparators and TTLcompatible push-pull output drivers are integrated monolithically. Each of the 8 tracks is evaluated differentially; 3 tracks feature additional high-side and low-side current sources and output a push-pull analog signal.

The integrated LED current control with its driver stage connects to the encoder LED and ensures a constant optical received power. A series resistor is used here as current limiter, and thus defines the control’s operating range. If the LED current control reaches operating limits, error message output NER indicates a low signal (LED end-of-life, or open loop conditions).

Tracks 0 and 1 with their differential scanning photodiodes provide a sum current for LED controlling, averaged by the capacitor at pin CSR. The sum current is compared with the setpoint adjusted by the external resistor at pin ISET.

Two test pins (TIP, TIN) allow a full test of all chip functions to be carried out excluding the photodiodes.

All push-pull and analog outputs are protected against ESD and short-circuit damage. The error message output NER is also protected against shortcircuiting and can be used in bus systems due to its open-collector output.

iC-Haus IC_OGBLCC_001


• Linear and rotary position sensors
• Absolute Gray-code encoders
• Mixed incremental/absolute encoders

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Monolithic construction with integrated photodiodes ensures excellent matching and technical reliability
Short track spacing of 600μm
Elimination of dark currents through differential scanning
Photocurrent amplifier with high cut-off frequency
Comparators with precise signal-related hysteresis
Current-limited push-pull outputs
Adjustable LED current control for constant received power
Integrated power driver for the LED
LED current monitor with error message output
Integrated test aid
Low power consumption from 5 V supply voltage
Space-saving 38-pin optoQFN with extended temperature range of -40 to +120C
20-pin BLCC package with protective glass lid
Options: custom reticle assembly, customized COB modules

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