Active Photo Array IC-LSBOBGALS2C-8R

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The iC-LSB sensor array, coming with 8 independent channels, is a general purpose optoelectronic scanner made to suit a variety of encoding applications, such as rotary and linear encoders used for motion control, robotics, power tools etc.
The sensor array features monolithically integrated photosensors with active areas of 800 µm x 300 µm each in combination with fast on-chip photocurrent amplifiers, enabling an analog output at reasonable signal strength to the circuit board.
The highside current source output construction avoids a ground referenced signal and permits the subsequent electronics to adjust the gain. In its simplest form this is done by load resistors, for instance.
The spectral sensitivity range includes visible to near infrared light, with the maximum sensitivity being close to a wavelength of 700 nm.
Output currents of up to 50 µA are supplied under low light conditions, for instance when illuminated at only by an 850 nm LED. The photocurrent gain3 µW/mm2 is 46 dB typically.


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Monolithic array of independent photosensors with excellent matching
Compact photosensor size of 800μm x 300μm enabling high-quality encoder scanning at reduced system dimensions
Narrow track pitch of 0.42mm cuts down illumination efforts
Enhanced EMI immunity due to on-chip pre-amplification
Dark current compensation permits high temperature operation
Open-collector outputs as highside current source
Simple gain setting and current-to-voltage conversion by external load resistors
Single supply operation from 4 V to 5.5V
Low power consumption
Space saving, RoHS compliant and optoBGA packages
Options: extended temperature range of -40 to 125 C, customized COB modules, reticles and code discs

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Active Photo Array IC-LSBOBGALS2C-8R
Active Photo Array IC-LSBOBGALS2C-8R