iC-Haus IC-PT3313OQFN3 Phased Array Opto Encoder

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iC-PT3313 is an optical sensor IC with integrated photosensors whose signals are converted into voltages by low-noise transimpedance amplifiers. Precise voltage comparators with hysteresis are used to generate the digital signals, supplied to the output pins via differential +/- 4 mA push-pull drivers.
The built-in LED current controller with its 40 mA driver stage permits a direct connection of the encoder LED. Regardless of aging or changes in temperature the received optical power is kept constant.  An external resistor presets the photocurrent operating point and thus the desired illumination level.
Selection input SEL chooses for three different operating modes: regular A/B operation, A/B operation with 2-fold interpolation, or analog operation. With analog operation the amplified signal voltages are available at the outputs, easing setting-up operation and optical alignment procedures.
Typical applications of iC-PT devices are incremental and motor feedback encoders. To this end, device version iC-PT3313 provides differential A/B tracks and a differential index track, each consisting of multiple photo sensors. The layout of the signal amplifiers is such that there is an excellent paired channel matching, eliminating the needs for signal calibration in most cases.
Additionally, three more signal tracks are provided (U, V and W), which can be used to provide motor commutation information, for example with 120 degree phase-shifted signals.


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Monolithic photodiode array with excellent signal matching
Very compact size for small encoders
Moderate track pitch for relaxed assembly tolerances
Low noise signal amplifiers with high EMI tolerance
Single-pin programming of 3 operating modes: analog, digital, and x2 interpolation
Ungated/gated Z index signal
Complementary outputs: A, B, Z and NA,NB, NZ
U, V,W commutation signals (digital/analog)
All outputs +/- 4mA push-pull, current-limited and short-circuit-proof
LED power control with 40mA high-side driver
Single 3.5 V to 5.5V operation, low power consumption
Operational temperature range of -40 to +110 C
iC-PT3310 Encoder 33.2 mm / 1000 PPR (Eval Kit LT2M available)
iC-PT3313 Encoder 33.2 mm / 1250 PPR (Eval Kit LT2M available)
iC-PT3320 Encoder 33.2 mm / 2000 PPR (Eval Kit LT2M available)
iC-PT3324 Encoder 33.2 mm / 1024 PPR (Eval Kit LT2M available)
iC-PT3325 Encoder 33.2 mm / 2500 PPR (Eval Kit LT2M available)
Code discs available

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