BiSS Interface Master, 1-Channel/3-Slaves

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iC-MB3 is a single-chip BiSS/SSI interface controller featuring an 8-bit bus interface to industrial standard microcontrollers. An additional SPI interface mode also enables serial communication between iC-MB3 and the connected microcontroller.

One to three BiSS devices can be attached to the sensor side of the device. These are connected up to clock line MA1 and data return line SL1 using RS422 transceivers (Figure 1). The BiSS devices can be connected directly in noise-free environments.

A maximum of three BiSS slaves is supported, each with their own independently scalable data sections encompassing:

1) Sensor data from 0 to 64 bits (for measurement data, alarms and warnings)
2) Register data with 128 bytes per slave ID (e.g. for device parameters).

iC-MB3 provides dual RAM memory banks for each slave, enabling flexible access of the microcontroller while new sensor data is being read in. A 32-byte intermediate memory supports register transfers.

Sensor data acquisition is started by a microcontroller command or via pin GETSENS. Alternatively, iC-MB3 can also read in new sensor data automatically; the cycle time in this instance can be set as required.

The end of sensor data acquisition and readin is signaled at pin EOT by a high; if faults occur during transmission pin NER signals a low. Errors in communication can be verified by the microcontroller via a status register; a system error message can also enter this register if bidirectional message pin NER is kept low by external intervention.

iC-MB3 generates a clock signal for sensor communication using an internal 20 MHz oscillator. The clock can also be supplied externally.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Bidirectional BiSS sensor communication with up to 3 slaves
Supports SSI protocol for unidirectional communication
Synchronous sensor data acquisition with cyclic transfer at data rates of up to 10 Mbit/s
Command and slave register operations during cyclic data transfers
Data lengths of up to 64 bits for sensor data, independently scalable for each slave
Automatic compensation of line delays, measurement and conversion times
Data verification by CRC polynomials of up to 8 bits, adjustable per slave
Separate memory banks enable free controller access during BiSS sensor data transfers
32 bytes of intermediate memory to ease bidirectional slave register communications
Parallel controller interface with an 8-bit data/address bus services Intel and Motorola devices
Serial controller communication by SPITM-compatible mode
Single 3 to 5V supply, industrial temperature range

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