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The core of the iC213 module is a via I²C programmable oscillator device. To program the frequency 8 internal 8 bit registers have to be set accordingly. On the iC213 module an ATMega128 micro-controller performs this task.
A selection of 4096 preset frequencies between 39.3 kHz and 1 GHz can be set by means of three HEX switches. A list of these frequencies to choose from is given in the chapter Selectable Frequencies.
Using the I²C interface to select a frequency either one of the 4096 preset frequencies or an arbitrary frequency from 39.0625 kHz to 945 MHz, 970 to 1134 MHz and 1213 to 1417.5 MHz can be programmed.
Switch SW4 enables/disables the iC213 module, as does the NE_OSC pin.
This module is pin compatible to the pulse module iC149.


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40 kHz to 1.4 GHz
LVDS und TTL outputs
Compatible with HG1D, HG2D, NZN1D, NZP1D


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