iC-LFS 32x1 Linear Image Sensor

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iC-LFS is an integrating light-to-voltage converter with a single line of 32 pixels pitched at 63.5 μm (centerto-center distance). Each pixel consists of a 56.4 μm x 200 μm photodiode, an integration capacitor and a sample and hold circuit.

The integrated control logic makes operation very simple, with only a start and clock signal necessary. A third control input enables the integration period to be paused at any time (electronic shutter).

With the start signal the hold mode is activated for all pixels simultaneously with the next rising clock edge; starting with pixel 1 the hold voltages are switched in sequence to the push-pull output amplifier. The second clock pulse deletes all integration capacitors and the integration period starts again in the background during the output phase. A run is complete after 32 clock pulses.

iC-LFS is suitable for high clock rates of up to 5 MHz. If this is not required the supply current can be reduced via the external bias setting.

• Optical line sensors
• CCD substitute

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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32 active photo pixels of 56 m at a pitch of 63.5 m (400 DPI)
Integrating L-V conversion followed by a sample & hold circuit
High sensitivity and uniformity over wavelength
High clock rates of up to 5MHz
Only 32 clocks required for readout
Shutter function enables flexible integration times
Glitch-free analogue output
Push-pull output amplifier
5 V single supply operation

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