General Purpose Sensor Interface

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iC-HO suits for various applications: mass flow metering, gas sensing and pressure sensing. Besides the IC only a few external components are required: a cost effective microcontroller and/or an EEPROM, and the sensor itself. iC-HO is completely controllable and monitorable by the microcontroller via SPI. Alternatively, stand-alone applications can boot from the CRCsecured external SPI EEPROM.

Instrumentation PGA inputs allow gain and offset calibration, and temperature stabilization. An integrated look-up table (LUT) featuring 9 breakpoints can be used to correct nonlinear sensor characterstics directly within the sensor interface IC.

A digital PI-controller is available to drive a wide range of MEMS heater resistors with up to 115 mW in an absolute or relative temperature range from -25 °C to + 660 °C. A fixed set point or sequence controller mode can be selected.

Matching constant current sources are available to bias up to three sensor resistors. The analog ratiometric differential output signal is implemented with a 10-bit D/A converter.


• Flow Sensors
• Pressure Sensors
• Gas Sensors

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Ultra-low offset and low-noise PGA inputs
11-bit analog to digital conversion
Signal offset correction
Configurable temperature drift compensation
Linearization of sensor characteristic by look-up table
Measurement data output digital and analog (10-bit D/A)
Differential output of ratiometric voltage
Adjustable PI heater control
Signal and system monitoring functions
Fault indication at open-drain error output
Sensor resistor bias by adjustable current sources
Integrated 8-bit temperature sensing
SPI-master (for EEPROM) and SPI-slave interfaces for device configuration and controller operation
5 V supply voltage
Operating temperature range of -20 C to 105 C

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