3D Hall-Effect Sensor Analog By Bz SOIC8

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The Micronas HAL 37xy Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor Family for Rotational or Linear Position Detection based on 3D HAL Technology is the second sensor generation using Micronas’ proprietary 3D HAL technology, which offers a further improvement of the angular performance. Compared to the first generation, a 30% lower angular error has been achieved.

Operation with magnetic fields down to ±20 mT is enabled thanks to the improved technology. HAL 3715 and HAL 372x provide a linear, ratiometric analog output signal with integrated wire-break detection working with pull-up or pull-down resistors. HAL 373x  features  digital  output  formats such as PWM and SENT SAEJ2716 rev. 2010. The digital output format is customer programmable.
The signal path of HAL 37xy consists of two channels (CH1 and CH2). Depending on the product variant, two out of the three magnetic field components are connected to Channel 1 and Channel 2.
The sensors can be used for angle measurements in a range between 0° and 360° (end-of-shaft and through-shaft setup), as well as for robust position detection (linear movement or position). The in-system calibration can be utilized by the system designer to optimize the performance for a specific system. The calibration information is stored in the on-chip EEPROM.

The HAL 37xy is programmable by modulating the output voltage. No additional programming pin is needed.

Major applications:

• Linear movement measurements (EGR, clutch, transmission position)
• Rotary position measurements (gear selector, motor air management)
• Non-contact potentiometer

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Measurement extremely robust against temperature and stress influences
Operating with magnetic field amplitudes down to 20 mT with an angular accu- racy of 0.5% FS (digital output, X-Y Hall plates)
12 bit ratiometric linear analog output for HAL 372x
Modulo 90/120 output for HAL 3715
0.2 kHz to 2 kHz PWM (up to 12 bit) or 12 bit SENT output for HAL 373x
Programmable arbitrary output characteristic with up to 33 setpoints
Operates from VSUP = 4.5 V up to 5.5 V
Operates from TJ = -40 C up to 170 C
Programming via the sensors output pin
Programmable characteristics in EEPROM with redundancy and lock function
2nd-order temperature-dependent offset programmable for X/Y- or Z-channel
On-chip diagnostics
Short-circuit protected push-pull output
Over-/reverse-voltage protection at VSUP
Under- and overvoltage detection of VSUP
Wire-break detection with pull-up and pull-down resistors


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