Triple Differential Line Driver IC

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The iC-HE is a three channel line driver with complementary outputs optimized for line impedances in the range of 75 Ω.

The push-pull output stages can deliver at least 200mA from 24 V supply and are short-circuit-proof and current-limited, shutting down with excessive temperature or undervoltage conditon.

All inputs are compatible with CMOS and TTL levels. The emitter and collector outputs of an on-chip NPN transitor is available for driving an external light emitting diode. The base of the transistor is connected to an internal reference voltage of 2.5 V. Collector current at pin LED can be controlled by the value of the resistor connected between ISET and ground.

The device is protected against ESD.

iC-Haus IC_HE_001


• Line drivers for 24 V control engineering
• Linear scales and encoders
• Sensor systems

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Complementary short-circuit-proof push-pull driver stages for RS422 and 24 V applications up to 2MHz
SO14N package pin-compatible to ET9600
Integrated line adaptation for high signal quality at 24V
Moderate slew rate reduces EMI
High driving capability of typically 200mA at 24V
Output saturation of just 0.3 V at 40 mAdc
Tristate function with excessive temperature
TTL-/CMOS-compatible Schmitt trigger inputs, voltage-proof to 40 V
4.5 to 35 V single supply operation with low static power dissipation
Operating temperature from -25 to 125 C (-40 C is optional)
50mA LED driver with ISET input for current control

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