HAL1883 25 mV/mT Factory Programmed Linear Hall sensors

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TDK-Micronas‘s HAL 188y are factory one-time-programmable linear Hall sensors that eliminate the need for users to optimize/program the devices for their finished sensor assemblies. The different family members vary by sensitivity (25 mV/mT, 31.25 mV/mT and 50 mV/mT) and all offer a ratiometric analog output. 

The sensors are designed for industrial and automotive applications, are AEC-Q100 qualified, and operate in the junction temperature range from -40 °C up to 170 °C. They are available in the very small leaded package TO92UA.

Major applications:

  • Small-angle or linear position measurements 
  • Gear position detection 
  • Current sensing 
  • Rotary selector

Main feature:

  • Factory programmed sensitivity and offset 
  • 5V supply operation 
  • Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at VSUP pin 
  • Short-circuit protected push-pull output 
  • Tj = -40°C to 170°C 
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

TDK-Micronas‘s HAL 1880 is an entry level hall-effect sensor with ratiometric analog output, offering the best compromise related to sensor function vs system cost. It includes programmable clamping to extend error signaling capability and diagnostics associated to the state of various internal circuits (magnetic signal out of range). A one pin programming interface enables simultaneous programming of several devices through the output pin.


The HAL 1880 is a programmable sensor: Major characteristics like magnetic field range, sensitivity, offset and the temperature coefficients are programmable in a nonvolatile memory. The sensor is designed for industrial and automotive applications, is AEC-Q100 qualified, and operates in the junction temperature range from -40 °C up to 170 °C. It is available in the very small leaded package TO92UA.



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Ratiometric linear output proportional to the magnetic field
Continuous measurement ranges from 20 mT to 160 mT
Selectable clamping levels with selectable diagnosis
Comprehensive diagnostic feature set
Programming via output pin or supply voltage modulation (HAL 1880)
Selectable sampling rate
Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at VSUP pin
Lock function and built-in redundancy for EEPROM
Programmable temperature characteristics for matching all common magnetic materials
On-chip temperature compensation
Active offset compensation
Operates from -40 C up to 170 C junction temperature
Operates from 4.5 V up to 5.5 V supply voltage in specification
Operates with static and dynamic magnetic fields up to 5 kHz
Magnetic characteristics extremely robust against mechanical stress
Short-circuit protected push-pull output
EMC and ESD optimized design
AEC-Q100 qualified


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