16-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolator with Auto-Calibration

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 iC-TW8 is a general-purpose, 16-bit interpolation device for sine/cosine signals featuring automatic signal conditioning. The angular position is calculated at a constant latency of just 24 μs and can be tracked by an optional second-order servo loop that provides lag retrieval.

The automatic signal conditioning unit includes offset compensation, amplitude correction, and phase correction.  Additionally, an LUT can be used to correct the digitized phase angle depending on the sensor’s harmonic signal distortion. 




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Input frequency of up to 125 kHz
Differential sine/cosine input signal range of 20 mV to 1.4 V peak-peak
Fractional interpolation factor edged per period of [8 . . . 65536] / [1 . . . 32]
Automatic offset, amplitude and phase correction
Simple automatic one-pin calibration
Easy configuration: by static pins (for generic ABZ output)
Advanced configuration: 1-wire interface, 3 and 4-wire SPI (32 MHz), EEPROM (SPI or I2C)
PWM or ABZ quadrature encoder output signals
Incremental ABZ output to 8 MHz (32 MHz edge separation)
Position and velocity read-out (32 bit SPI)
Sophisticated error handling and signal monitoring
Static 64 position LUT to compensate for arbitrary sensor distortions
Supply voltage range of 3.1 V to 5.5 V
Extended temperature range of -40 to +125 C


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