SPI-To-BiSS SLAVE Bridge with RS422 Transceiver

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iC-MCB QFN16-3x3

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iC-MCB is a BiSS slave bridging iC to implement BiSS slave functionality into any sensor technology and platform. A wide range of combinations can be covered with the iC-MCB on direct component access and via microcontroller host software solution support.

BiSS sensor implementations are possible. A downgrading configuration to SSI sensor operation is also possible.

Full BiSS C protocol functionality including Single Cycle Data (SCD) for sensors (SCDS) and Control communication for commands and register access. Real time critical effort for protocol response is handled by the iC-MCB directly and relieves the microcontroller host.

Typical applications use a device host microcontroller for providing data and coordinating control communications content. The host microcontroller configures and controls the iC-MCB via SPI interface. The iC-MCB can also be operated without any device sided microcontroller, just by BiSS device configuration boot sequence and self-sustaining operation.

iC-MCB can access and controls various sensors directly by an own SPI master interface.

The device operates in a wide supply range of 3 V .. 5.5 V and permits a single device supply. It is capable for the extended temperature range of -40° C to +125° C.

The integrated RS422 transceiver for the physical layer of the field interface (PHY) enables for BiSS point-to-point encoder applications. The maximum BiSS clock rate is 10 MHz.

The integrated I/O crossbar and an additional RS422 transceiver PHY enables BiSS bus structure applications. With the integrated I/O crossbar the BiSS bus structure position can be defined by configuration.

The BiSS diagnosis byte is supported with the I/O crossbar e.g. for U V W commutation signal transfer.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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BiSS Interface slave
Full BiSS protocol support
Single Cycle Data buffer of 64 byte organized in multiple banks for simultaneous access
Built-in Control Communication
RS-422 line driver/receiver for BiSS/SSI point-to-point network
BiSS Bus Structure capable
SPI Slave Interface for sensor data supply via microcontroller
Synchronization of position data sections from sensor interface and microcontroller
BiSS Safety related features (16 bit CRC + CRC start value)
BiSS Timeout: adaptive, 2 s, 20 s
SSI protocol support
Operation from 3.0 V to 5.5 V
Operating temperature range of -40 C to +125 C
Space-saving 16-pin QFN package

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