12 Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs

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The iC-MH8 12-bit angular encoder is a position sensor with integrated Hall sensors for scanning a permanent magnet. The signal conditioning unit generates constant-amplitude sine and cosine voltages that can be used for angle calculation. The resolution can be programmed up to a maximum of 4,096 angular increments per rotation.
The integrated serial interface also enables the position data to be read out to several networked sensors.  And the integrated memory can be written embedded in the data protocol.


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Real-time system for rotation speed up to 120,000 rpm
Integrated Hall sensors with automatic offset compensation
4x sensor arrangement for fault-tolerant adjustment
Amplitude control for optimum operating point
Interpolator with 4096 angular increments/resolution better than 0.1
Programmable resolution, hysteresis, edge spacing, zero position and rotating direction
Incremental output of sensor position up to 8 MHz edge rate
RS422-compatible AB encoder signals with index Z
UVW commutation signals for eight pole EC motor applications
Serial interface for data output and configuration
SSI-compatible output mode
Integrated ZAP diodes for module setup and OEM data, programmable via serial interface
Signal error (e.g. magnet loss) can also be read out via serial interface
Analog sine and cosine differential signals
Extended temperature range from -40 to +125 C

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