iC-HTG EVAL HTG1D Evaluation Board

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The power CW laser diode driver iC-HTG provides Automatic Current (ACC) or Power (APC) Control functionality operating an external scalable driver. For APC the programmable logarithmic monitor resistor ranges from 100? to 500 k? at a step width <4%. The logarithmic D/A converter sets the operating point better than 1%. A wide range of laser diode current can be measured and controlled (APC) by a shunt resistor. An analog modulation with a frequency of up to 50 kHz is possible. Overcurrent, overtemperature, or standby will disable the laser. All parameters, chip temperature, and all system related voltages are accessible via serial communication (I²C or SPI). An external DC/DC converter can be controlled to optimize the total power dissipation.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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CW operation with external driver transistor
ACC mode configurable with shunt
APC mode configurable with monitor diode
3.3 to 24V power supply
Optimized for both N-type and P-type laser diodes
Analog modulation frequency of up to 50 kHz
Load current monitoring with shunt possible
Internal programmable logarithmic monitor resistor
Operating point setup with a 10 bit logarithmic resolution
Serial programming interface (SPI or IC compliant)
Configuration content verifiable and activatable
A/D converters for analog signal monitoring
Low drop linear regulator for 3.3V
Low current standby mode
Temperature monitor
Operational Temperature -40C to +85C

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iC-HTG EVAL HTG1D Evaluation Board
iC-HTG EVAL HTG1D Evaluation Board