Dual CW P-Type Laser Diode Driver

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Dual CW laser diode driver iC-HTP can operate two individual laser diodes with up to 750mA laser current depending on the heat dissipation. Each channel can be enabled independently. The laser diode driver can be controlled by an external microcontroller (MCU mode) or operate stand alone with pin/resistor configuration (iC-WK mode). In MCU mode, both channels can be combined for driving up to 1500 mA.

Each channel can be operated individually either in automatic current control (ACC) or automatic power control (APC). All parameters including the internal reference voltages are set via serial communication (I2C or SPI). A 10 bit resolution D/A converter with logarithmic characteristic is used for setting the operating point. This allows an operating point resolution better than 1%.

In APC control, the monitor diode photocurrent is used to track the optically emitted power of the laser diode. The feedback for the laser diode driver is the voltage of the photocurrent at a monitor resistor. An 8 bit internal programmable logarithmic monitor resistor (PLR) or an external monitor resistor can be selected for closing the control loop. The PLR ranges from 100Ω to 500 kΩ with a step width less than 5%.

In ACC control, the laser diode current can be set directly. Two current ranges are selectable. iC-HTP allows disabling the laser channels when an overcurrent threshold has been exceeded. The overcurrent threshold of each channel has 2 ranges and is programmable through an 8 bit linear D/A converter.

The temperature monitor measures the internal chip temperature. iC-HTP disables the laser channels when overtemperature is detected.

A variety of voltages can be measured with a 10 bit A/D converter. The following voltages can be measured:

• V(LDAx)
• V(VBLx)
• V(VDD)
• V(VB)

The DCO current output pin can control an external DC/DC converter. Controlling the DC/DC output voltage can optimize the power dissipation of the whole system e.g. to extend battery life.

iC-HTP in standby mode has a very low current consumption (< 10 μA) and does retain its configuration.

The device features for safe operation:

• Configuration verification
• Tri-state configuration pins
• Write protection in operating mode
• Safe default/startup state

• Laser diode and LED modules
• CW P-type laser diode drivers
• Embedded laser diode controllers
• Structured-light 3D illuminations
• Multiple laser diode control
• Optical amplification/pumping
• Safety related laser controllers

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Dual channel CW operation with up to 750mA per channel
Up to 1500mA with both channels combined
2.8 V to 11V power supply
Operation with or without Controller
Individual enable input per channel
Individual laser power supply per channel
Control loop accuracy better than 1%
Internal programmable logarithmic monitor resistor
Operating point setup with 10 bit logarithmic resolution
ACC or APC mode individually configurable for each channel
A/D converters for analog monitoring
Serial programming interface (SPI or I2C compliant)
Configuration content verification and validation
Programmable laser overcurrent protection
Optimized for P-type laser diodes
Low drop linear regulator for 3.3 V
Low current standby mode
Temperature monitor
Temperature range -40 . . . 85 C

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