High-Resolution Linear Image Sensors

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iC-LFH Series are integrating light-to-voltage converters with 1024/960/640/320 pixels pitched at 12.7μm (center-to-center distance). Each pixel consists of a 12.7μm x 600μm photodiode, an integration capacitor, and a sample-and-hold circuit.

The control logic makes operation very easy, with only a start and clock signal necessary. A third input (ESH) optionally controls the asynchronous, global shutter.

When the start signal is given, a new integration phase is initiated. Nine clocks are requiered to sample the current integration value and to reset the integration capacitor.  After further 7 clocks, while the internal dark level voltage (VMIN) is output at AO, the value of the pixel #1 can be read out.  With further clocks the following pixel voltages are output. The complete line sensor is read out after 1040/976/656/336 clock pulses respectively.

iC-LFHxxx is suitable for high pixel clock rates of up to 5 MHz.

• Triangulation sensors
• Contact image sensors
• Spectroscopy sensors
• CCD replacement

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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1024/960/640/320 active photo pixels with 12.7 m x 600 m (2000 DPI)
Pin-selectable resolution of 2000, 1000, 500 and 250 DPI (binning or averaging selectable)
Integrating L-V conversion followed by a sample & hold circuit
High sensitivity and uniformity over wavelength
High pixel clock rate of up to 5 MHz
Asynchronous, global shutter enables flexible integration times
3 V capable analogue output with separate supply pin
Push-pull output amplifier

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