BiSS Interface Master, 2 channel, 8 slaves, RS-422 transceiver, dual SPI

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iC-MB4 is a single chip BiSS/SSI interface master controller. BiSS C, BiSS B, SSI and extended SSI devices, sensors and actuators can be fully accessed by iC-MB4. Up to 8 devices can be connected, each with up to 64 bit single cycle data length and up to 16 bit CRC verification.

BiSS bus structures at two BiSS channels are accessible. iC-MB4 provides CMOS, TTL, RS422 or LVDS transceivers. A parallel interface or alternatively one or two SPI interfaces enable communication to the connected microcontroller. The sensor/actuator data transfer is started by a microcontroller command, via pin GETSENS or by automatic sensor data acquisition.

The sensor/actuator data transfer end and status is signaled at the pins EOT and NER. Status register provide details on single cycle data or register communication. An external clock or internal 20 MHz oscillator can be selected. The MA clock rate and the automatic sensor data request rate are configurable.

• Device communication in multi-sensor sytems
• Position acquisition with encoders
• Drives and motor-feedback systems
• Numeric controls
• Robotics

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Bidirectional BiSS communication with up to 8 slaves
Supports BiSS C, BiSS B, SSI and extended SSI
Synchronous acquisition with data rates up to 10 Mbit/s
Configurable interface with TTL, CMOS, RS422 or LVDS
Slave register operations during cyclic data transfers
Automatic line delay compensation
Data lengths of up to 64 bit for sensor data per slave
CRC verification with up to 16 bits per slave
Separate memory banks for free controller access during BiSS sensor data transfers
64 bytes memory for bidirectional register access
SPI or parallel interface to host e.g. microcontroller
Single 3 V to 5V supply

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