OTAFU ADK based on GainSpan GS1011M/GS1500M Wi-Fi Modules

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The GainSpan Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade (OTAFU) Application Development Kit (ADK) enables wireless upgrades of the embedded firmware on GainSpan GS1011 SoC based GS1011M and GS1500M Wi-Fi modules using either a web browser (PC) or a mobile application (iOS or Android based smartphone). Upgrade of the embedded firmware can be done while the GainSpan Wi-Fi module is operating in Limited AP or Infrastructure Client Mode. Smartphones and PC web browsers use mDNS/DNS-SD based methods to discover devices and services on the network that are advertising the firmware upgrade application profile.
In the Limited AP mode, the GainSpan Wi-Fi module has the ability to form connections with up to eight smart phones (or PCs) and the smartphone (or PC) connects to it as a client/station. To accomplish this connection, the embedded application allows configuration of a unique SSID (infrastructure network) with open or WPA/2 Personal security and utilizes a DHCP Sever that provides a temporary IP address to the associated smartphone/ PC. In addition, the module provides a DNS Server. For the OTAFU application in Limited AP mode, the smartphone or a PC (web browser) connects to the Limited AP as a client, navigates its local file system for the firmware binary images and initiates the OTAFU procedure to upgrade the firmware binaries on the GainSpan Wi-Fi module. The firmware upgrade is a two-step procedure – the binary images are first uploaded to the external flash on the GainSpan Wi-Fi module, and then moved to the internal flash of the GainSpan Wi-Fi SoC. Users have the option of selecting either the WLAN binaries or the Application binaries, or both, for firmware upgrade. Option is also provided to replace the existing factory backup firmware version with the current version of the firmware binaries.
  • The OTAFU embedded application software provides HTTP server functionality and enabling APIs.
  • Advertises OTAFU profile and allows automatic discovery by client applications using mDNS/DNS-SD discovery methods
  • Both web and mobile applications use mDNS/DNS-SD discovery to interact with the GainSpan Wi-Fi module

ADK Components

  • OTAFU Embedded Firmware Application
  • OTAFU Web Application Software
  • OTAFU Mobile Application Software for iOS/Android Smartphones
The OTAFU embedded application allows a user to browse to the firmware images on the local file system, select the firmware images and then initiate the upgrade. The GainSpan Wi-Fi module needs to have a HTTP server running, so that it can receive the firmware binary images sent to it by the smart phone or PC. The firmware is first stored in external flash and then moved into the internal flash of the GainSpan Wi-Fi module. The OTAFU embedded application also allows user to restore the factory or backup firmware with current version.
The OTAFU embedded web application uses a web browser to initiate upgrade of the firmware. The OTAFU ADK includes a web page for this purpose. This web page is part of the embedded application that resides in the GainSpan Wi-Fi module and can be accessed from any standard web browser. This application is built using JavaScript/AJAX.
1 year subscription to the Over The Air Firmware Update ADK:
  • Embedded code, Web page, iOS and Android application source code
  • Update and maintenance during subscription period
  • Technical support through email and remote desktop support
The GainSpan Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade (OTAFU) Application Development Kit (ADK) enables wireless upgrade of the embedded firmware on GainSpan GS1011 SOC,  GS1011M and  GS1500M Wi-Fi modules, using either a web browser (PC) or a mobile native application (iOS or Android based smartphone).


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Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade (OTAFU) utility for the GainSpan Wi-Fi modules communicate with either web browsers or iOS/Android based smartphones.
Support for firmware upgrade on a local network - the firmware upgrade is pushed to the GainSpan embedded device from the web browser or smartphone.
Firmware upgrade mechanism is built on top of HTTP, allowing for easy integration with applications and web services.
mDNS/DNS-SD methods support discovery of devices and services available on the network without additional configuration.
OTAFU Software Suite includes embedded firmware, web, iOS and Android applications.
Supports firmware upgrades in both
Limited AP and Infrastructure Client modes.
Supports IEEE Power save mechanism while in Infrastructure Client mode.
Firmware images are pushed to the node via an HTTP client (web browser or smartphone).
Advertises firmware upgrade service advertises itself and allows automatic discovery by clients using mDNS/DNS-SD discovery methods.
Uses external flash as a staging area and to store the backup firmware.
Supports upgrade of the Factory Restore backup area at the time of upgrade.


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