GS1011M Software Development Kit Mrk II

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The  GainSpan  Software  Development  Kit  (SDK)  Mrk  II  enables  firmware engineers to extend middleware software provided by GainSpan or develop embedded applications for the GS1011.

This  SDK  contains  a  development  board  with  GS1011MEE  module, embedded  software  (source/binary  code),  configuration  management system,  firmware  update  system,  networking  middleware,  RTOS,  device drivers, an integrated development environment (IDE) and JTAG hardware. Two SDK options are available: Basic and Professional SDKs.

With  the  professional  SDK,  software  development  teams  have  access  to source code for the GainSpan embedded software and can design and run highly  custom  applications  for  GS1011  SoC  and  GS1011  modules. Software  engineers  may  use,  and  modify,  sample  applications  as  a baseline for new applications. With most of the GEPS software available in source, software engineers can scale-down the binary size as necessary.

With the basic SDK, software development teams can expand embedded web pages for device specific configuration (GainSpan provides Wi-Fi and IP  network  configuration  pages)  and  expand  the  Serial  to Wi-Fi  interface software  for  custom  APIs.   Software  engineers  may  extend  basic capabilities of the firmware on the GS1011 Modules.


GainSpan development board contains the GS1011MEE, Wi-Fi subsystem and  connectors  to  integrate  with  a  host  MCU  board  or  with  board-level components  like  sensors.   This  enables  engineering  teams  to  start software  development  against  functional  HW  prior  to  the  availability  of custom boards.


•  Serial DB9 (2) for terminal program, MCU connection (via UART) with AT command set and/or debug output
•  JTAG connector for single-step debugging of embedded firmware and custom device drivers
•  Headers for UART and SPI interfaces
•  Headers for access to GS1011MEE modules pins

•  External reset button to simulate external reset signal
•  Push button for Factory Restore from External Flash
•  Alarm 1 & Alarm 2 buttons to simulate external wake-up signals
•  Flash programming
•  SPI/UART select
•  JTAG enable/disable 

•  3 user-defined
•  Dedicated power indicator
•  Temperature and light sensors

GainSpan GS1011MEE_SDK2_PRO_001

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized GainSpan distributor.


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Source code and binary
o Serial to Wi-Fi interface, TLS and Scan applications
o Configuration web pages
Source and binary to GEPS, HTTP server/client, networking middleware and RTOS (Professional SDK only)
Complete Wi-Fi and networking services software
Wi-Fi Security
- WPA/2- Enterprise
IDE and JTAG debugging

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