N-Type Laser Diode Driver

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Laser diode pulse driver iC-NZN allows CW operation of laser diodes and spike-free switching with de-fined current pulses up to 155 MHz. The optical output power of the laser diode is set-up by means of anexternal resistor (RMD/PMD). For laser current control without a monitor diode, the laser current monitor at pin IMON is utilised. For high pulse frequencies the device can be switched into controlled burst mode. A previously settled operating point is maintained throughout the burst phase.

 An averaging current monitor can be set by means of an external resistor at pin RSI. When the current limit is reached, overcurrent is signalled at NERR and the current from pin LDA is limited to the pre-set value but the iC is not shut down. There is an additional current limitation in pin LDK that prevents the iC from overpowering the laser diode.

Setting pin NSLP low, the iC enters a low consumption sleep-mode (< 50 µA typ.).


  • Pulsed and CW LD modules
  • Laser diode pointers
  • Laser levels
  • Bar-code readers
  • Distance measurement
  • Blue laser diodes




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Peak value controlled laser diode driver for operation from CW up to 155 MHz
Spike-free switching of laser currents of up to 300 mA
Setting of laser power (APC) via external resistor
Optional current control (ACC)
Laser current limitation
LVDS/TTL switching input with TTL monitor output
Low current consumption sleep-mode < 50 μA
Safety shutdown with overtemperature
Error signal output with overtemperature, undervoltage and overcurrent
All current LD types can be used (N/P/M configurations)
Blue laser diodes supported
Fast soft-start
Strong suppression of transients with small external capacitors

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