Quad Differential Line Driver

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iC-HD7 is a robust line driver for industrial 5 V and 24 V applications with four complementary output channels.  For signal lines with a characteristic impendance of 30 to 140 the integrated line adapter, optimized to 75, minimizes ringing effectrs which arise when there is no line termination.


At a supply of 24 V the push-pull driver stages typically provide 200 mA to discharge the line and also have a low saturation voltage (of typically 200 mV with a 40 mA low-side load).  The outputs are current limited and short-circuit-proof, shutting down with excessive temperature.  For bus applications the driver stages can be switched to high impedance by a high at input NEN.

The driver stage inputs have a Schmitt trigger characteristic and are compatible with CMOS and TTL levels.  For test purposes the temperature monitor can be deactivated by applying a voltage of greater than 12 V to input NEN.

The device contains internal ESD protection circuitry.





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Complementary short-circuit-proof push-pull driver stages for RS422 and 24 V applications up to 2 MHz
Pin-compatible to 26LS31, xx7272
Integrated line adaptation for high signal quality at 24 V
Moderate slew rate reduces EMI
High driving capability of typically 200 mA at 24 V
Output saturation of just 0.3 V at 40 mAdc
Tristate function for bus applications with excessive temperature shutdown
TTL-/CMOS-compatible Schmitt trigger inputs, voltage-proof to 40 V
4.5 to 35 V single supply operation with low static power dissipation
Operating temperature from -25 to 125 C (-40 C is optional)

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