Universal Digital Sensor Output Driver

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The iC-DX is a monolithic switch capable of driving ohmic, inductive and capacitive loads and features integrated reverse polarity protection. The supply voltage VB of the device can range from 8 to 30V.

Output source/sink-current is at least 150 mA, with saturation voltages of typically 2 V.

With input OE on high level state, the output works as a push-pull stage under control of pin IN. If pin IN is set either to high or low level, the output acts as a high-side (PNP) or low-side (NPN) driver which is activated by a high logic level on input OE.

Output transitions are slew-rate limited to minimize interference on lines. The output is current limited to 450mA maximum and short circuit protected by shutting down the device with excessive temperature.

A regulated 5 V supply which can be loaded up to 10mA is available at pin VOUT.

iC-Haus IC_DX_DFN6_2X2_001


• Digital sensors
• Light barriers
• Proximity switches

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Configurable high-side, low-side and push-pull operation
Current limited output (< 450 mA)
Reverse polarity protection
150mA output current
5 μs input filter for spike supression
Wide supply voltage range from 8 to 30 V
Driver shut-down with over temperature
Integrated free-wheeling diode for inductive loads
Sensor supply voltage output of 5 V, 10mA

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