6-Bit Sin/Cos Flash Converter with Pin-Selectable Interpolation (to x16), half-cycle index

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  • Angle interpolation from orthogonal sinusoidal input signals.
  • Linear and rotary encoders
  • MR sensor systems



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Fast flash converter
Integrated glitch filter; minimum transition distance can be set using the optional resistor
Selectable resolution of up to 64 steps per cycle and up to 16-fold interpolation
Integrated instrumentation amplifiers with adjustable gain
Direct connection of sensor bridges, no external components required
200 kHz input frequency with the highest resolution
Incremental A QUAD B output of up to 3.2 MHz
Reversed A/B phase selectable
Index signal processing with half cycle index output
Sensor bridge calibration supportable by analog/digital test signals
Low power consumption from single 5 V supply
TTL- /CMOS-compatible outputs
Inputs and outputs protected against destruction by ESD