Progr. Sin/Cos Interpolation IC (x1 to x256)

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IC-TW2 QFN24 4X4

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iC-TW2’s interpolation engine accepts two fully differential sensor bridges delivering sinusoidal input signals (SIN/COS) to produce a highly interpolated output signal. No further external components are required. Single ended sensor signals are supported
by tying the negative input terminal to a signal reference,
usually VDD/2.

iC-TW2 generates one index pulse for every input period. The position in respect to the start of the period as well as the width of the pulse is fully programmable. Index pulse position can be used in conjunction
with the startup mode to guarantee a desired phase relationship between A, B and index output pulse.

There are four different output modes provided, including 3-phase commutation output for brushless DC motors. It is highly programmable to meet requirements for a wide range of applications. Two serial interfaces have been included to permit configuration
of the device, also accessing an internal EEPROM. Both interfaces allow complete configuration of the device including transfer of setup and system data to register and EEPROM for non-volatile configuration.


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Programmable angle resolution from 1 to 256 steps per period
Interpolation factors from x0.25 to x64
Input frequency to 115 kHz with x64, to 230 kHz with x32, to 460 kHz with x16
Latency of less than 1 μs
Selectable gain permits single-ended and differential input signals from 10mV to 1.5V peak-peak
Index gating input with fine adjustable offset
Programmable index pulse output position and width
Four incremental output modes: quadrature encoder with index, up/down clock, increment/direction, 3 phase commutation
Programmable filter and hysteresis
Direct sensor connection, minimized count of external components
Non-volatile setup due to internal EEPROM
Fully re-programmable via serial 1- and 2-wire interfaces
Power-on reset circuit and on-chip oscillator
ESD protection and TTL-/CMOS-compatible outputs

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