16Mx1 FPM SOJ GM71C16100CJ-6 4


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The GM71C16100C is the new generation dynamic RAM organized 16,777,216 x 1 Bit. GM71C16100C has realized higher density,
higher performance and various functions by utilizing advanced CMOS process technology. The GM71C16100C offers Fast Page Mode as
a high speed access mode. Multiplexed address inputs permit the GM71C16100C to be packaged in a standard 300 mil 24(26) pin SOJ.
The package size provides high system bit densities and is compatible with widely available automated testing and insertion equipment. System oriented features include single power supply 5V+/-10% tolerance, direct interfacing capability with high performance
logic families such as Schottky TTL.


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16,777,216 Words x 1 Bit
Fast Page Mode Capability
Single Power Supply (5V+/-10%)
Fast Access Time & Cycle Time


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16Mx1 FPM SOJ GM71C16100CJ-6 4
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16Mx1 FPM SOJ GM71C16100CJ-6 4