WiPort™ 485- Embedded Wireless Networking Device Server Sample Case

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The WiPort-485 is the most compact, integrated solution available to add 802.11b wireless networking to any device with an RS-422 or RS-485 serial interface. Using our highly integrated hardware and software platform, you will add to your bottom line by significantly reducing product development time, risk, and cost. The WiPort-485 is configurable for either RS-422 4-wire or RS-485 2-wire communication. It supports multi-drop RS-485 networks by providing a logic level serial interface designed to connect directly to an RS-485 transceiver chip. In the RS-485 2- wire mode, one of the PIO pins supplies the necessary transmit enable signal. The WiPort-485 offers the highest level of integration available in a device server. Within a compact package is a DSTni x86 controller, memory, 802.11b transceiver, a 10/100 Ethernet transceiver, and dual high-speed serial ports. All of this combines to give you a complete networking solution. The WiPort-485 is designed with flexibility to support additional wireless standards without requiring redesign. To enable access to a local network or the Internet, the WiPort-485 integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and OS. The WiPort-485 also includes an embedded web server that can be used to remotely configure, monitor, or troubleshoot the attached device. WiPort-485 serves web pages to a web browser when there is a need to gather information or communicate with networked devices. The WiPort-485 becomes a conduit between you and your device over the network or Internet. The Windows™-based configuration software, Device-Installer, simplifies installation and setup. The WiPort-485 can also be configured locally through its serial port, or remotely over a network using Telnet (password-protected) or a web browser. Flash memory provides for maintenance-free, nonvolatile storage of web pages, and allows future system software upgrades.


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Complete integrated solution
Supports WLAN or Ethernet connectivity
Serial to 802.11b conversion
RS-422/485 support
Multi-drop RS-485 network support
Stable, field proven TCP/IP protocol suite and web-based application framework
Easy configuration through a web interface
Easy installation of customized web pages
Embedded web server
11 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins
802.11b wireless interface
E-mail alerts
Password protection
Upgradeable firmware via the network or serial port
Dual serial ports
128 bit WEP encryption


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