155 MHz Laser Switch

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Laser Switch iC-HK/B enables the spike-free switching of laser diodes with well-defined current pulses at frequencies ranging from DC to 155 MHz. The diode current is determined by the voltage at pin CI and by the resistors RK1 and RK2. The two fast switches are controlled independently via CMOS inputs EN1 and EN2. The laser diode can thus be turned on and off or switched between different current levels defined by the ratio of RK1 and RK2. Each channel can be operated on 150mA DC and up to 700mA pulsed current depending on the frequency, duty cycle and heat dissipation. The integrated thermal shutdown feature prevents damage from excessive temperature. iC-HK/B supplements the laser diode driver iC-WK which uses the monitor current of the laser diode to control the laser power. iC-WK therefore controls the voltage at pin CI in such a way that the mean value of the emitted laser power is constant (APC), providing there is a constant duty cycle and a switching frequency higher than 100 kHz.


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Control to the mean of the laser power in conjunction with iC-WK/L (CW laser diode driver)
CW operation with up to 150 mA per channel
Dual switching inputs with independent current control
Laser switch for frequencies from CW up to 155 MHz
Operates as a voltage-controlled current source
Protective ESD circuitry
Pulsed operation with up to 700 mA per channel
Simple power control at pin CI
Spike-free switching of the laser current
Supplement to iC-WK/L for pulsed operation
Thermal shutdown

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