8-Bit Sin/Cos Interpol

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Interpolator iC-MG is a non-linear A/D converter which, by applying a count-safe vector principle, digitizes sine/cosine sensor signals with selectable resolution and hysteresis.  The angle value is output incrementally via differential RS422 drivers as an encoder quadrature signal with an index pulse.  The minimum phase distance can be preselected, thus generating fail-safe counter signals and enhancing the noise immunity of the sensor system.


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Real-time tracking, no-missing-code interpolation
Selectable interpolation factors: x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x25, x50
100 kHz input frequency at highest resolution
Differential and single-ended PGA inputs
Variable input resistance enables current/voltage conversion
Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude and phase
Controlled 50 mA current source as LED or MR bridge supply
Encoder quadrature output via short-circuit-proof 20 mA push-pull line drivers (RS422)
Fail-safe counting assured by a guaranteed minimum phase distance
Index signal generation at selectable positions
Adjustable index length
Loss-of-signal indicator
Setup via serial EEPROM interface
Sub-system power switch offers reverse polarity protection for the overall system


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