8-Bit Sine-to-Digital Converter Processor with Waveform Adaptation

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iC-NG SO28

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iC-NG is a monolithic A/D converter which determines the angle value of two sinusodial input signals phase-shifted at 90 degrees with a given resolution and hysteresis.  In this process a cycle is divided into 8 segments; each of these segments can be given a resolution of up to 32 angular steps.  Resolutions of 1 to 256 divisions per cycle are possible.


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Real-time interpolator with programmable resolution of up to 256 steps/period
Calibration features permit adaption of disorted sine/cosine signals
Incremental A QUAD B or absolute outputs, output frequency
Fast 24-bit multiturn counting on chip
Programmable index position
Input amplifiers lead out completely
8-bit P interface
Serial EEPROM port to load setup
Built-in clock oscillator
Interrupt controller and error monitoring
TTL-/CMOS-compatible outputs


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