iC-Haus IC-VPTO18-4L Photoswitch with Adjustable Sensitivity

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iC-VP TO18-4L

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The iC-VP is a photocurrent amplifier with threshold switch and monolithic integrated sensor diode. The device is meant as a photoelectric detector, in light barriers for example.
The threshold is adjusted with an external resistor.  After approx. 1 µs delay a photo current of sufficient magnitude creates a low signal which is compatible with CMOS and LSTTL levels at the output.
The iC-VP can be utilised in a customised COB package as a multi-chip module for multi-channel scanning absolute encoders.
TO18 metal can packages are available for single channel light barrier applications.  


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High spectral sensitivity
Sensitive to visible light and near infrared
Adjustable threshold
Short switching time
Supply voltage of 4.5 to 16 V
CMOS-/LSTTL-compatible output
Extended temperature range of -40 to 125 C
Photosensor size: 400 m 400 m

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