USB Audio Codec

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Cmedia HS-100 USB Audio Codec is a new highly-integrated, low-power consumption USB audio single chip solution otimized typically for USB headset, headphone, and dongle applications.  All neccesarry analog and digital modules are embedded in HS-100, including stereo DAC and earphone driver, mono ADC, microphone pre-amp booster, PLL, regulator, and USB tranceiver.  Many features of HS-100 are programmable with jumper pins or external EEPROM.  Customers can customize unique ESB VID/PID/Product String/ Manufacture Sring and initial volume settings via an external EEPROM.  In addition, HS-100 supports HID compliant volume control pins such as Playback Mute pin.  HS-100 also offers playback operation and record mute LED indicator control pins to fulfill a better user experience and cost-effective product.


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Compliant with USB 2.0 Full-Speed operation
Compliant with USB Audio Device class specification v1.0
Supports USB Suspend/Resume Mode and remote wakeup with volume control pins
Single 12 MHz crystal input with on-chi PLL and embedded USB transceiver
Jumper pin for Headset Mode (Playback + Recording) or Speaker/Headphone Mode (Playback Only)
Jumper pin for Mixer Unit enable/disable under Headset Mode
Jumper pin for Power Mode setting
In Headset Mode, USB audio function topology has 2 Input Terminals, 2 Output Terminals, 1 Mixer Unit
In Speaker Mode, USB audio function topology has 1 Input Terminal, 1 Output Terminal, and 1 Feature Unit

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