3-Channel Differential Line Driver

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The device iC-VX is a monolithic, 3-channel line driver with complementary outputs for 24V applications.

The Schmitt trigger inputs contain pull-up current sources and run on separate operating voltages. Their reference potential can be adjusted in the range of the output stage supply voltage to adapt the input threshold voltage for various applications.

The guaranteed driver current can be set to 30mA (PROG pin open) or 100mA (PROG pin at VSUB). At low load the drivers are TTL-compatible due to reduced saturation voltages. The output stages are current-limited and, due to the shutdown at overtemperature, they are also protected against thermal destruction. Due to the hysteresis of the overtemperature shutdown, the driver outputs switch on and off as a function of the iC power loss until the overload ceases.

For 30mA driver current the short-circuit strength is guaranteed directly by the iC. For 100mA driver current in 24V applications this is guaranteed by 30S series resistors.

Free-wheeling diodes at the outputs protect the iC against echoes of mismatched lines. The inputs and outputs of the channels have diodes for protection against destruction by ESD.


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Integrated freewheeling diodes
Selectable input reference level
Thermal shutdown
TTL-/CMOS-compatible hysteresis inputs with pull-up current sources
Driver supply voltage of 4.5 to 30V
ESD protection
Programmable driving capability of 30mA or 100mA
Push-pull driver current-limited and short-circuit-proof

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