5-Bit Opto Encoder with Serial Interface

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iC-LV is an optoelectronic encoder IC for absolute linear and angle measuring systems such as glass scales and shaft encoders, for example. Photosensors, amplifiers and comparators for 5 tracks at a pitch of 600 2m and a reference photosensor operating the LED power control are monolithically integrated on the chip. The internal comparator outputs switch to high when the amplified photocurrents exceed a given threshold (constant light evaluation). This threshold can be adjusted using an external resistor at RSET; alternatively, if RSET is not wired an internal resistor is used. The internal or external resistor also establishes a setpoint for the LED current control which irrespective of temperature or the effects of aging keeps the optical receive power constant. A driver stage enables either a transmitting LED with a series resistor to be directly connected to the device or operates an external transistor to generate higher currents. Track information can be read out in parallel (either in Gray or binary code) or serially via an SSI protocol. Here, any number of iC-LVs can be cascaded and synchronized with one another; data is then output as a binary word (requiring Gray code discs). A watchdog generates an alarm message via the error output if the LED current control range is exceeded. The open-drain error output can be wired to a bus; the signal is then low active. The serial data output can also be complemented by the error bit. All inputs and outputs are protected against destruction by ESD. Two different test modes can be selected by pin and permit a complete test of functions with the exception of the photosensors.


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Supports chain circuits of multiple devices including synchronisation options
Adjustable illumination control with 40 mA LED driver ensures constant receiver power over life
Adjustable phase of MSB track selects for sense of Gray code direction
Extended operating temperature range of -40 to 125 C
High synchronism and technical reliability due to monolithic construction featuring on-chip photosensors
Integrated test aids
Monitoring of safe operating range with alarm message (eg. EOL message on LED control error)
Parallel 5 bit data output as Gray or binary code
Photocurrent amplifiers with high cut-off frequency
Scanning with constant-light evaluation at a pitch of 600 m
Selectable all-track bit inversion
Serial data output via extended SSI interface
Single 4 to 5.5 V supply, low power consumption

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