16x 24V Highside Driver with µC Interface

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iC-JX is a bidirectional I/O device with 4x4 high-side driver stages. The input or output function can be separately selected for blocks or nibbles of four I/O stages. Each block can also be individually programmed with various filtering options for the debouncing of I/O pin signals or overcurrent messages, with current sources for the defining of levels at the inputs (lowside sources) or for load diagnosis at the outputs (high-side sources) and also with a flash pulse function. To enable communication with the controller the device includes a parallel interface (with eight data, five address and three control pins) and also an SPIcompatible serial interface (with one pin for the clock, chip selection, data input and data output respectively). The type of interface is selected via pin NSP. I/O stages with an input function can record logic levels at 24 V where a programmable pull-down current source (of up to 2 mA) either defines the level for open inputs or supplies a bias current for external switch contacts. Connecting safety circuits with integrated serial/parallel resistors to the device also enables leakage currents and short circuits to be pinpointed. The contact status can be read out using the microcontroller interface. I/O stages with an output function drive various loads (such as lamps, cables or relays, for example) to a common ground with 150mA of permanent current or 500mA in pulse operation. Spikes and flyback currents are discharged by the integrated flyback circuits. For synchronous flash display, as used for indicator lamps in plugboards, for example, a flash pulse enable can be individually set for each output to offload the controller. A common inhibiting input (POE) permits the global shutdown of all outputs and can be operated by an autonomous watchdog circuit. All output stages are short-circuit-proof and protected against thermal destruction in the event of extreme power dissipation. Each stage has its own temperature sensor which is evaluated in two stages and generates interrupt messages for the controller. The latter is warned before the device is forcibly shutdown. A short circuit also triggers an interrupt message; the current status here can be read out by the controller. For the purpose of load diagnosis a programmable pull-up current source (of up to 2 mA) can be used to determine an initial load breakage or open loop (caused by a fractured cable, for example) before an output is switched on. The I/O pin status can always be read back via comparators. A load current measurement circuit then permits the load to be assessed; failed valves and faulty or wrongly implemented indicator lamps can be verified in this way. In addition, the analog measurement of voltage at the I/O pins allows safety switches to be analyzed with reference to ground, here without the driver function. All analog measurements for the load current (per stage), for the I/O pin voltage (per stage, either referenced to ground or VB), for the driver supply (all VB pins) , for the internal voltage reference (VBG) and for the chip temperature are made available to the microcontroller as digital measurements by an integrated A/D converter which has 10 bits of resolution. An interrupt pipeline which limits the loss of interrupts allows reliable processing of interrupts by the microcontroller. Registers provide information as to current events; messages can be individually enabled for all available interrupt sources. iC-JX monitors all supply voltages and also the GNDD-GNDA connection to ground. Monitored separately, undervoltage at analog supply VCC or digital supply VDD causes all registers to be reset and the output stages to be shutdown; the same occurs when bursts at VDD cause logic control states to flip. Undervoltage at 24 V driver supply VB triggers a shutdown of the output stages without deleting the contents of the registers. Diodes protect all inputs and outputs against destruction by ESD. iC-JX is also immune to burst transients according to IEC 1000-4-4 (4 kV; previously IEC 801- 4).


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10-bit A/D converter for the generation of diagnosis measurement values
16 bidirectional input/output stages at 24 V
500 mA pulse and 150 mA permanent load driving capability
Active flyback circuit
Fast 8-bit parallel or serial SPI-compatible C interface permits use in buses
Input/output mode programmable in 4-channel blocks
Load diagnosis for driver current, output voltage and impedance (cable fractures, resistance and short circuits)
Logic supply from 3 V upwards
Programmable interrupt generation with an events storage facility
Safety devices (voltage monitor, temperature sensor with warning and shutdown features, power output enable pin)
Short-circuit-proof high-side drivers with diagnosis function
Variable digital filters for the debouncing of I/O signals

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