Evaluation Board iC-WKM (incl. 2 IC samples)

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iC-WKM is a driver for laser diodes in continuous wave operation with laser currents of up to 350 mA, which requires only four external components. The wide power supply range of up to 15 V allows for operation of blue laser diodes, e.g. by Nichia or Sanyo. The driver is optimised for M-type laser diodes and allows the operation from a single supply and the connection of the laser diode case (common cathode) with ground. The iC includes integrated circuitry protecting against destruction by ESD, excessive temperature and overcurrent plus a soft start of the regulator to protect the laser diode when the power supply is switched on. The iC also filters the laser diode power supply for transients. The regulator is adapted to the laser diode by an external resistor at MDA. The monitor current acts as a reference and is regulated independent of the influence of temperature and supply voltage (range: 2.5 µA to 6.25 mA). The capacitor at CI determines the control time constants and start-up time. A second monitor input, pin MDK, allows the driver to be used for P-type laser diode configuration; alternatively, it can be used as an analogue modulation input (DC to a few kHz). In the event of failure, such as overcurrent in the laser path with a lack of feedback, for example, a quick power lockout is activated. The shutdown persists until power is reapplied, permitting a restart. The strain on power packs and batteries is relieved and the laser class is retained even in the event of a disturbance. iC-WKM offers additional protection by means of spike detection at pin MDA. Should spikes or oscillation occur at pin MDA the power lockout is activated after a certain time-out.


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CW operation up to 350 mA from a single supply of 3.6 to 15 V
Integrated reverse polarity protection for the iC and laser diode
Modulation via the feedback inputs possible
Optimised for M-type laser diodes (single supply, case grounded)
Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and overcurrent (i.e. if the laser diode is damaged or the feedback current path fails)
Rapid soft start after power-on
Simple power adjustment via an external resistor
Strong suppression of transients with small external capacitors; integrated flyback path
Two feedback inputs permit all current laser diode types to be used (M/P/N configurations)
Wide monitor current range from 2.5 A to 6.25 mA

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