Video AEK based on GainSpan GS1011M Wi-Fi modules

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The GainSpan Video Application Development Kit (ADK) is a complete reference design that demonstrates a video streaming application based on the GainSpan GS1011M Wi-Fi module and associated embedded and mobile software suite. The video application works in conjunction with the GainSpan Video Application board, and allows customers to view video data on iOS or Android based smartphones. The Video ADK is suitable for applications such as baby monitors and security/surveillance systems. 
The Video ADK includes the video application board, a complete hardware design package and software suite including embedded software and mobile reference applications for iOS/Android based smartphones. An evaluation version of the ADK, the Video Application Evaluation Kit (AEK) is also available that includes the application hardware and binary-only software.
The Video application board features the GainSpan Wi-Fi module, a video compression chip, a VGA imaging sensor chip, motion detector, single snapshot trigger button, WPS/Provisioning button and various LEDs to indicate modes of operation. The Video embedded software includes the complete video application software and Wi-Fi and networking stack including mDNS/DNS-SD based discovery methods to discover devices and services available on the wireless network. The Video mobile reference applications showcase an RTP/RTSP based video player and provide customers a foundation to rapidly build custom features suited to their end application.
  • Video Embedded Firmware Application
  • Video Mobile Application for iOS/Android Smartphones
  • GainSpan Video Application Board
  • USB Cable

Video Software

The GainSpan Video ADK runs on the Video application board, and supports Wi-Fi video streaming to an iOS or Android smartphone.  The GainSpan Video ADK embedded software is based on the GainSpan GEPS embedded firmware. The OV780 video compression chip compresses the raw video stream received from camera sensor to H.264 format and transmits this compressed data to GS1011M Wi-Fi module over SPI bus. Here GS1011M acts as SPI master and the video compression chip acts as SPI slave and all communication between the GS1011M and the video compression chip occurs via SPI. The Video application uses a custom RTP/RTSP based protocol for transmission of data to any client (iPhone/Android smartphone). The GS1011M module acts as RTSP server and the smartphone device as an RTSP client. The player allows a session to be established, streams video data, and supports PLAY and STOP functions.

The Video ADK includes source code for embedded video application software and iOS and Android based mobile applications, while the AEK includes binary-only embedded software and mobile apps.On powering up the application board, the GainSpan Wi-Fi module establishes itself as a Limited AP. Users can browse to the list of available wireless networks on their client smartphones and connect to the Video application board. The video mobile application leverages discovery exposed by the Video embedded firmware application to enable automatic discovery of available video profiles and services.

Video Mobile applications

The video iOS or Android based mobile applications showcase the video streaming capability of the GainSpan Video ADK. The application features a dashboard used for setup and selection of camera and an RTP/RTSP protocol based custom player that allows users to view live video data. Other features include audio alarms when motion or sound is detected, a “soft” snapshot button that allows users to take a single still image and password protected access to camera.

When the app is launched, it discovers all the cameras in the vicinity and populates the dashboard with the list of cameras that were found along with basic information on each, including name, connection status, play controls, alarms, settings etc. The alarms screen shows the time the alarm was triggered and the snapshot taken at the time that it was triggered.




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Complete Video reference design that allows users to stream the video feed from a camera to their iOS or Android based smartphones
Accelerated time-to-market for development of new wireless video streaming applications such as remote security/surveillance cameras and baby monitors
Quick and easy way to integrate video streaming services into end products using GainSpan Video Application board and embedded/mobile software suite
Provides mobile platform APIs and reference source code to facilitate customized video application development
mDNS/DNS-SD methods support discovery of devices and services available on the network without additional configuration
Video ADK consists of the Video application board, complete hardware design package, complete software suite including embedded software source and mobile reference apps
Video AEK consists of the Video application board and an evaluation, binary-only version of the software and audio mobile app
The Video embedded application operates in both Limited AP and Infrastructure client modes
The Video embedded application advertises itself and allows automatic discovery by clients using mDNS/DNS-SD discovery methods
Mobile Applications (iOS, Android) feature a dashboard for easy setup and camera selection and use an RTP/RTSP based video player
The Video Evaluation board supports an H.264 video compression chip, a VGA imaging sensor, single snapshot and WPS/provisioning buttons, and LEDs to indicate status and mode of operation


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