GS2011MIE EVB w/ GS2011MIE module and a power cable

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The GainSpan GS2011MIE-EVB3-S2W Evaluation Boards (EVB) are flexible hardware platforms to evaluate the capabilities of GainSpan’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoC GS2000 and enable development of hosted or hostless application software. They provide a quick, easy, and cost-effective platform for customers to add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products with minor impact on the host microcontroller firmware. Users can use the Serial-to-WiFi software packaged with the EVB to build a hosted application or program the board with custom binaries built using the GainSpan SDK Builder or GS2000 SDK
The EVBs bring out all the pins of the GS2011M modules, and exposes features such as high-speed SPI and SDIO interfaces that support high throughput audio and video streaming applications, a high resolution 16-bit ADC for energy measurements in smart energy applications, temperature and light sensors for quick development of sensor applications, I2C interface for sensors and I2S interface to external DAC for audio applications. The EVB is part of the GS2000 SDK and supports the JTAG interface for software development. It also provides a daughter card connector that customers can use to connect to their host processor board or custom application boards.
The EVB works in conjunction with the Serial-to-WiFi software, but it can be used for development of hostless applications as well, built using the GS2000 SDK or the SDK Builder.
The GS2011MIE-EVB3-S2W provides all the hardware and software necessary to quickly set up a serial (UART or SPI) based link to a PC or external microcontroller. It has various jumpers, switches, push buttons and LEDs that provide support for evaluating different features and configurations based on the firmware loaded.
  • Flexible hardware platforms for evaluation of capabilities of the GS2000 SoC and enable customer application development
  • Exposes all the features of the GS2011M/GS2100M Wi-Fi modules, allowing faster development of applications
  • Easy integration of Wi-Fi and web connectivity to embedded devices with microcontroller, over UART or SPI interface
  • Serial-to-WiFi software allows easy addition of Wi-Fi capabilities to hosted embedded system


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Supports highly integrated 802.11b/g/n GS2011M and GS2100M Wi-Fi modules
Supports multiple serial ports:
- UART: up to 921 Kbps
- SPI: up to 30MHz (master mode) 10MHz (slave mode)
- SDIO: up to 40MHz
High resolution sensing and energy measurements for smart energy applications
Temperature and light sensors for quick development of sensor applications
Comes programmed with Serial-to-WiFi software including full Wi-Fi stack - Wi-Fi security (WEP, WPA/2), WPS and networking stack including TCP/UDP/IP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP/s, DTLS, CoAP, TLS/SSL
Push button for WPS, Alarms, Factory Restore, and Reset
JTAG interface for software development
Daughter card connector for connection to host processor or application boards


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GainSpan GS2011M Product Brief

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