µP Interface with 8x 24V High-Side Drivers

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iC-JRX is an 8-fold high-side driver with integrated control logic, internally divided into two independent blocks (nibbles). Both blocks can be individually set to input or output. The µP interface is made up of eight data, five address and three control pins. Two further clock inputs control internal sequences (input filter, pulse operation of the outputs). Starting with reset state, various register partitionings dependent on the selected operating mode are possible. Input mode is used to log logic levels at 24 V. An interrupt message can be generated when a signal at the inputs changes. Spurious signals are rejected by the device’s adjustable digital filters. When the inputs are open the programmable pull-down current sets defined levels and acts as the bias current for switching contacts. In output mode the power output stages can drive any desired load to GND (e.g. lamps, long cables or relays) at a continuous current of 100 mA or 500 mA in pulse operation. Spikes and flyback currents are discharged through the integrated flyback circuits. All output stages are short-circuit-proof and two-stage temperature monitoring (with interrupt messages) protects against thermal damage caused by large power dissipation. A short circuit at one of the outputs can cause an interrupt; the current short circuit status can be scanned via the µP interface. Pulse mode can be selected for each output, such as for indicator lamps in plugboards, in order to offload the control software used. The actual switching level of the output can be read out via the µP interface and be used to check for cable fractures with the pull-up currents. A PWM signal can also be switched to any selected output. All outputs can be switched off via a mutual disable input e.g. by a processorindependent watchdog circuit. An interrupt pipeline which prevents the loss of interrupts allows reliable processing of interrupts using the applied control software. With low voltage the voltage monitor resets all registers and in doing so switches off the power output stages. Diodes protect all inputs and outputs against ESD. The device is also immune to burst transients according to IEC 1000-4-4 (4 kV; previously IEC 801-4).


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2 x 4 bidirectional 24 V input/output stages
Digital input filters with filtering times externally adjustable
Flash mode for the outputs
Guaranteed high-side driving capability of 100 mAdc and 500 mApeak for pulse load
I/O mode programmable in 4-bit blocks
Integrated flyback circuits
Low saturation voltage of 0.6 V/100 mA and 2.0 V/500 mA
Programmable PWM function
Short-circuit-proof drivers with high dielectric strength
Supply voltage and two-stage temperature monitoring


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