High Performance BiSS C-to-PC Adapter (USB)

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The MB4U is a PC-USB 2.0 high speed interface BiSS master based on FPGA logic system design.

The MB4U supplies VB and VDD voltages with allocating
and initializing the adapter. With closing the
adapter resource or the software the voltages are
turned off to permit a safe unplugging of connected devices.
The unpowering of VB and VDD requires a non
volatile content storaging before closing the interface
adapter in any software environment.

The MB4U is based on the MB100 BiSS master IP.
With this implementation it is possible to connect one
or more BiSS C devices or a single SSI device to
the adapter. BiSS C protocol is fully supported. The
adapter supports an unlimited count of BiSS C slave
With BiSS there is 10 MBit/s RS422 maximum clocking
available. The SSI protocol is also configurable.
With high speed buffered transfer the real-time measured
data can be block-wise transferred to a Windows
PC application for analysis, documentation, data processing,

iC-Haus IC_MB4

• BiSS / SSI application development
• BiSS / SSI debugging
• Flexible interface configuration
• Encoder calibration
• Portable applications

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Up to 8 BiSS slaves
RS422 10 MBit/s maximum data transfer rate
SSI master
BiSS C unidirectional and BiSS C master
BiSS master MB100 BiSS IP based
USB 2.0 interface up to 30 MBit/s data transfer
USB 1.1 interface compatibility to 12 MBit/s data transfer
Adapter and devices bus powerable
Available drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
FPGA integrated 1st level RAM

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