Highside Switch

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iC-DP SOT23-6L

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iC-DP is a monolithic highside switch for ohmic, inductive and capacitive loads. Designed for a wide input voltage range of 4 to 36 V, it is capable of supplying a minimum output current of 200 mA. The output acts as a current source with a low saturation voltage; protection against shortcircuiting is provided by the device shutting down with excessive temperature. The chip is activated when the input voltage threshold V(PI)-V(NI) of typically 3.5 V is exceeded. When used as a 4-pin element (with the SOT23-6L package only), the input (PI, NI) and output (DP, VP) reference voltages are decoupled. The maximum permissive voltage difference between VP and PI is 36 V.


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200 mA of output current
36 V highside switch/level shifter
3-pin configuration possible
4 to 36 V input voltage range
Decoupling of input and output reference voltages (SOT23-6L) permits control by 5V logic
Input with hysteresis
On-chip overtemperature protection with hysteresis
Output with an active freewheeling circuit
Package option: (SOT223-4L, SC59-3L, DFN, CSP)
p-channel output driver without charge pump for short activation time
Short-circuit protected
Wide temperature range of -40 to 120 C

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